28 – Festival Fun


Identify a local event/festival/celebration and participate in it.  Even better, volunteer to help with with it.  Observe, record and reflect on all the steps it took to get involved.  How did you approach the organisers to become a member of their team? Were you recognised as an equal member? What was your role in the festival organisation? What was the management/organisation style of the group? Were there clear roles? Was there a clear plan and a schedule? How did the group decide about how things were run? Do you think that the management style of the group is representative of the local culture? In what way? And how is this style compared to the style back home? More or less formal, more or less efficient, more person- or group-centred? After the experience of organising a local festival abroad, would you try organising a local festival at home? And what good or bad lessons learnt would you bring back home?

Click here for students’ reflections on this activity.

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