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Pets – Theo the Cat

  The first apartment I stayed in had beautiful wooden floors, high ceilings and fancy light fittings and chandeliers. It’s decor was also complimented by a lovely ginger cat called Theolonius, shorted to Theo for ease. He owned the place; his pieces of string lay… Read More

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The World of Fungi

My professor sat there, leaning back in his chair with a smile on his face. “So none of you have been to the mushroom shop? Really? That place is the stuff of dreams.” Eager to find out what this mushroom shop was, and why it was… Read More

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Fun in -35 °C

Canada is a cold place. As I type this, it is currently -35 degrees Celsius outside. As soon as you go outside, you cough, your cheeks turn numb and your snot freezes (I know…). My hair has frozen on several occasions, turning into little noodle-like… Read More