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Waving goodbye to my year abroad

Farewell, farvel, auf wiedersehen, au revoir, adios, До свидания, good night and good luck Copenhagen. It’s been a fantastic, intriguing and unforgettable eleven months.   Regrets, I’ve had a few (not learning the language being the main one), but then again too few to mention.… Read More

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Copenhagen Film Festival

As I briefly passed upon in my previous blog post one of the things I’d undertaken to make the most of the opportunities that a slightly more liberal work schedule has allowed I’ve been interning at a film production’s company since February. One of the… Read More

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One of the reasons for going abroad is to get out of your shell and learn about other cultures in the best way possible, that best way of course being actually living in said culture. It may not surprise you though that by doing so… Read More

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Experience Map

My map traces the places I associate with Sydney. It includes places such as; the different suburbs I have lived in over the past year, the coffee shops I regularly visit (I didn’t drink coffee until I came to Sydney), the places I have worked, as well as… Read More

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When I ask Australians about their cuisine they just laugh at me. Sure, there are traditional dishes that used to be prepared by indigenous people. The ingredients used for preparation of these dishes used to depend on the surrounding environment and the season. In that… Read More

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Exploring the Suburbs

It’s officially a month since I boarded my flight to Sydney, and I have to say, the first few weeks have flown by. With over 900 study abroad students entering the university this semester alone, I can’t say I’ve lacked volunteers to come and explore… Read More

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¡Hola Lima!

I am staying with a Peruvian family in the Miraflores district of Lima, three blocks away from the school where I will be working as an assistant teacher. After a rather emotional goodbye with my parents at Gatwick, a two hour flight to Madrid followed… Read More