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Australian bites

Australia is renowned for its kangaroos but it wasn’t until I started my exchange that I realised they are a delicacy also! My first kangaroo burger can be described as a consistency in-between chicken and beef to my surprise, but definitely worth trying while in Australia!… Read More

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A taste of Maori Hangi

Not very often European people get to try traditional Maori foods. There are no Maori restaurants in the cities and the traditional dishes are only made for special celebrations. Waitangi day (a day to celebrate the signing of the treaty between Maoris and Europeans) was… Read More

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Big Cheese

Tartiflette, the most glorious potatoe based dish on the planet. Ingredients: 1kg potatoes, 200g smoked lardons, 200g onions thinly sliced, 30cl crème fraîche, 1 Reblechon cheese, salt and pepper, butter. (The ingredients do vary but these are your staples) Recipe: I’ve been trolling the internet… Read More