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Australian Wildlife

The first thing everyone seems to want to know about my time in Australia is how many killer spiders/snakes/kangaroos do I have to face it off with in my daily life. The truth is, yes, Australia has a number of dangerous animals, but what I… Read More

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The mighty Kauri tree

Kauri trees are the largest and the most protected plant species in New Zealand. Besides being unique plants only found in the North Island of New Zealand, they are sacred to the indigenous Maori people. Maoris thought of Kauri trees as the kings of the… Read More

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Fraser Island

The land of 100+ freshwater lakes, originally created by sand and environment crashing together to establish a beautiful, green island. It was Captain Cook who discovered the island in 1770 and he would meet aboriginal locals and named them the ‘Indians’ and give the much enjoyed spot ‘Indian… Read More

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My Plants

There is a great respect for wildlife and nature here. This is seen both in the amount of green space in the city centre as well as the amount of plant and flower shops there are. People here really like to grow their own herbs… Read More

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The World of Fungi

My professor sat there, leaning back in his chair with a smile on his face. “So none of you have been to the mushroom shop? Really? That place is the stuff of dreams.” Eager to find out what this mushroom shop was, and why it was… Read More