Edinburgh Award

As a Third Spacer, you will be invited to participate in the Edinburgh Award for Global Citizenship Overseas. The award is specially designed for students who play an active role in reflecting, sharing, and engaging with a new culture in order to understand their place and impact in a community of global citizens.

About the Edinburgh Award

The Edinburgh Award rewards students for taking part in activities alongside their studies like volunteering, part-time work, and getting involved in the University community. Award activities – such as face-to-face sessions and online reflection – wrap around these activities, helping you make the most of these meaningful experiences and giving you recognition for your involvement.  EUSA and the University run numerous versions of the Edinburgh Award across campus.

Anyone successfully completing the Edinburgh Award will receive both a certificate of recognition from the University and an entry on their Higher Education Achievement Report (HEARs – an expanded record of your achievements within the University).

What we need from you

As part of the Award, we ask students to participate in a few activities.  These are built into the Third Space programme to make it easy!

  • Attend the Bon Voyage Retreat on 19/20 April
  • Attend the Conference on your return
  • Complete and upload reflections on 12 Third Space activities over the course of the year. This also includes commenting on others students reflections uploaded onto the Third Space blog.
  • Complete 3 reflective assignments (two sides A4 max for each!) online and an activity checklist of events and activities relevant to Third Space over the course of your time away.

Useful links

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