Frequently Asked Questions

Will this take away from my coursework?

No! Third Space is meant to enhance your experience and complement your coursework.  While there are requirements  to Third Space (see the next question), this wraps around your overall experience and better prepares you for the non-academic side of your time overseas. While we do require students to engage in 50 hours of Third Space activities (including retreat, workbook activities, and conference), this actually isn’t a great deal of time while you are away. It’s meant to give you an opportunity to step back – think about the experiences you are having, reflect, talk to others, etc.

What’s required of me?

  • Attend the Bon Voyage Retreat on 19/20 April
  • Attend the Conference on your return
  • Complete 50 hours of work on Third Space activity (including retreat, conference and workbook activities) over the course of the year. This also includes commenting on others students reflections uploaded onto the Third Space blog.
  • Complete 3 reflective assignments (two sides A4 max for each!) online and an activity log of events and activities relevant to Third Space over the course of your time away.

This will all be outlined clearly at the Bon Voyage Retreat in April so don’t worry.  All of this will make you eligible for the Edinburgh Award which will give you recognition on your transcript for all your hard work.

What is an example of an activity in the workbook?

Activity #1 – Enter a souvenir shop (if available!) and choose an item (e.g. postcard). Ask the seller (or any local) to tell you a story about the place/monument depicted.  Report back to the 3rd Space community by posting a picture of the item, describing its history and something about your interaction with the story-teller(s). Share in your workbook and/or on the Third Space blog.

Activity #2 – Tell us about your favourite spot in your new ‘home’. What makes it so special? Post a picture and share your experience! Before you come back, make sure that you had at least one opportunity to chat with someone else who frequents this same spot… what do they like about it? Share in your workbook and/or on the Third Space blog.

Activity #3 – Find out about a local blog or radio station and see if you can write a post for them or be interviewed on air about your experiences in the city where they’re based. Share in your workbook and/or on the Third Space blog.

I missed the information session on 27 February, can I get the slides?

If you missed the information session, no problem!  You can see the presentation here and you can always email Johanna Holtan at with questions.

Do I have to attend the retreat?

If you want to take part in Third Space, we do make the retreat mandatory. But do apply anyways and depending on numbers of students that cannot make that weekend, we will plan accordingly.  We are sorry to be rigid about this but as it’s a pilot, we have to start small!

I have questions. Who do I ask?

You can email the Project Lead Johanna Holtan at and she will get back to you as soon as possible.

This sounds amazing, what next?

Apply by 14 March! You can find more information on applying.


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