Third Space is a new series of activities which wrap around students’ international experiences giving them the tools to explore, reflect, engage, and share culture during the different stages of their time away. Through both in person and online activities, Third Space  helps students make the most of their time overseas.  It is currently being piloted with 40 undergraduate University of Edinburgh students preparing for their third year abroad.

Activities include a Bon Voyage Retreat, a very cool Toolbox to capture all their adventures (and hopefully inspire a few), and a Welcome Home Conference on their return.    As part of this pilot, the project will focus on third-year abroad students departing in Summer 2014 and returning back to Scotland in the Summer 2015.

Simply put, a third space refers to when one culture meets another culture – something new is created. With so many students moving between countries and cultures, we feel the university environment can often be a third space. We see this project as something that can help you make the most of that.

We are grateful for support from the Institute for Academic Development and inspiration from the University of Virginia’s Cultural Orientation Reflection Engagement (CORE) programme.

Third Space activities, tools, and materials must be used by request.

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