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Christmas in Oz

Christmas of 2016 was my first Christmas without family and a very different experience to the traditional family Christmas I usually have. I had just got back from travelling South East Asia and was happy to be back in a familiar culture with my new travel buddies. Over the festive period we were staying at Noah’s Backpackers on Bondi Beach in Sydney. We planned to spend Christmas on a beach nearby- Coogee Beach and have a day full of BBQ sausages and goon (the cheap and cheerful Aussie boxed wine).

When the day arrived we all headed on the bus from Bondi down to Coogee armed with pigs in blankets to maintain some tradition. What we didn’t realise was that there was only one BBQ working for the hundreds of people who had the same idea as us, meaning we spent most of the day queuing to finally cook some sausages in the blazing heat.

Looking back, it was such a surreal experience but I wouldn’t change a thing as we had the best time feeling festive and soaking up the sun which was a welcome change to the cold winters we have over the Christmas holiday period in the UK.

Katy, Melbourne

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