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Aussie music and TV

My time in Australia introduced me to a variety of up and coming Aussie artists such as Flume and Gretta Ray who I saw at the St Kilda Festival in February. Australian artists are making major breakthroughs in the Global music scene as the world becomes more inter connected and access to their music becomes easily accessible.

One of my favourite TV shows I watched in Australia is Married at First Sight. It is based on the Danish show Gift Ved Første Blik which takes concepts of multiple dating shows in the UK, US and Australia combining them to create a very entertaining series. It involves psychologists matching singles based on their personality traits before they meet at the alter having never met their future wife/husband before. The bizarreness of the show kept me hooked with weekly updates on the relationships and how the couples interact with fellow ‘Married at First Sight’ participants. Each week a new hurdle was presented to the couples such as moving in together which was followed up with the couples remaining together or leaving the show if they choose to split.

Other popular TV shows include Australian Kitchen Rules and The Bachelor which are common in the US and Europe also.


Katy, Melbourne

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