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Listen to Stories

Aboriginal culture is an important aspect of Australian history and today’s culture. Nowhere did I get a greater sense of this than at Uluru (also known as Ayer’s Rock). This massive rock formation in the middle of the Australian outback is a very important and sacred place to the indigenous peoples. While I was these walked around the base of the rock with a tour guide and found that certain places of the rock where we were asked not to touch or take photographs of and also asked not to climb or walk on the rock. The tour guide also told us stories called dreamtime, these stories were children’s stories, they had lessons and very simple to understand. Other stories and lessons, we were not allowed to hear because, as non-aboriginal, we did not have the right to hear them.  We saw ancient paintings on the walls of Uluru each which told a story, some of which we were able to hear and others which we were not allowed, and will never be allowed. We learned about the roles of men and women in aboriginal culture, and how there were different stories which were heard by both. As a woman you would never hear men’s dreamtime and visa versa. I found it very interesting and important to hear these stories and, more importantly, to get a basic understanding for this aspect of Australian culture which isn’t often talked about or seen in Sydney. Growing up in Canada, also having an aboriginal contingent and a similar history of oppression, I think it is very important that this information is shared and heard by all and visiting Uluru was one of my favourite trips while in Australia.19668220_1363034803751817_92127800_n

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