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Top of the Pops

One of the things that struck me most while in Australia is the similarities in pop-culture. Although it might be on the other side of the world, the music and movies which I see were the same which all of my friends were talking about back at home in Canada and the UK. It was interesting talking to some family friends who moved from Canada to Australia some 40 years ago, and to hear how different that aspect of life was then. Before there used to be separation, different music and film industries, not however with the advancement of technology and globalization of consumer trends, what is at the top of the charts in Australia is at the top of most English-speaking Westernized countries.

One difference which myself and all of my exchange friends did enjoy is the Australian TV. While there were a number of programs from the United States and the United Kingdom, there was also a lot of Australian programming. Australian versions of reality TV shows like the Bachelor and Survivor were on and very popular and also shows like Home and Away and Neighbors which were what I would consider soap operas, locals were very invested in. My favorite show, however, was probably the classic Bondi Surf Rescue which which follows the lifeguards at Bondi beach which was 30 minutes away from home home. Overall, I really enjoyed the similarities and dissimilarities with living abroad.

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