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A large part of Australian culture is sport. Surfing, football, Aussie-rules football, cricket, tennis, rugby, dog racing – there is no sport that Australia is not interested in. However, one of the biggest events of the year is the Melbourne Cup, a three mile horse race which lasts only around 3 minutes but makes the entire country stop and watch. In Melbourne and parts of Victoria, the day is a public holiday, but in Sydney, it didn’t seem to stop people from dressing up to go to their local bar or restaurant for a full day of drinking and eating for the event. I, myself, heard about the event only a couple of days before and soon realized that all of my local restaurants were already completely booked for the day, so I spend the race watching with my flatmates on the TV. Similarly to Ascot, people get very dressed up, just even to watch in a pub and dress codes are strictly adhered to even hundreds of miles from the race itself. While my personal experience may not have been very extravagant and watching it on TV slightly anti-climatic, seeing the whole city get excited for the event was exciting enough for me.

melbourne cup

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