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Australian bites

Australia is renowned for its kangaroos but it wasn’t until I started my exchange that I realised they are a delicacy also! My first kangaroo burger can be described as a consistency in-between chicken and beef to my surprise, but definitely worth trying while in Australia! Another Aussie favourite is a ‘snag’, aussie slang for sausage. The student union serves free snags every Tuesday which has been a great way to immerse myself in the culture while living on a student budget.

A more controversial delicacy is the witchery grub. I stumbled across this while travelling through the outback – full of protein and vitamins they are a great source of nutrition if you are willing to taste! They can be find in the roots of plants and when we dug one up we soon realised why they were used in bush tucker trials on I’m A Celebrity.. Get Me Out of Here! The texture is hard to describe, it is not offensive but an unusual one. The taste is actually similar to popcorn but I wont be exchanging it for the real thing in the cinemas anytime soon!

2016-09-29 07.55.05

Asides from the barbie culture, Australia is home to the all time classic Tim Tam, much more than the humble chocolate biscuit. I would say a Tim Tam’s closest substitute to anything in the UK is the penguin biscuit but Tim Tams are in a league of their own. You can walk into your local Woolies or Coles and find aisles full of different varieties ranging from espresso martini to double coated, both a definite guilty pleasure of mine.


The sweet theme continues with fairy bread- this is simply white bread topped with hundreds and thousands. I’m not overly keen on fairy bread as it mixes the sweet with savoury in a weird combination but it’s a definite hit at kids’ parties for its simplicity and magical nature.


Katy, Melbourne

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