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My Favourite Place

My favourite place in Sydney is on the ferry from the main central quay to North Sydney. From the ferry you can see everything, the Opera House, the Harbour Bridge, and an amazing view of Sydney’s skyline. It was one of the first things I did in Sydney and it is what gave me the ‘wow’ feeling. Every time I am there I am struck by how far I have come,  I am reminded of my accomplishment, of how all my hard work to get here has paid off.  The central quay itself is always full of tourists and although when I first arrived I felt like one of them, I now feel like a local, easily able to navigate the crowds and I am proud of how I have made this new place, so far from everything I have known, feel like home. More than once now I am stopped by sightseers to ask for directions and I can hear the kind of excitement of this place in their tone of voice which it also gives me. Rain or shine, night or day, this place is beautiful to me and one of my favourite things to do in Sydney.

Caitlin, Sydney

night sky.JPG

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