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Australian Wildlife

The first thing everyone seems to want to know about my time in Australia is how many killer spiders/snakes/kangaroos do I have to face it off with in my daily life. The truth is, yes, Australia has a number of dangerous animals, but what I didn’t really come to fully appreciate before arriving is that pretty much if you leave them alone, they are harmless. In total,  I have probably seen 8 spiders since arriving in Australia and one snake, but I think it is the locals relaxed view on it which has me calm as well. Whenever I ask an Australian about the spiders or snakes they have seen, they always are very calm and matter a fact about how, yes, there might be a poisonous, deadly spider in the vicinity, but, no, I don’t need to be worried about it. Overall, my experience has been positive in terms of wildlife and has included some of the highlights in my trip; from scuba diving with sea turtles in the Great Barrier Reef,  to holding a koala on Magnetic Island, and seeing wild dingos in the outback, all of my experiences have been positive.

Caitlin, Sydney

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