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Working at a French Market: watching people come & go

During my exchange I worked part-time at a French restaurant/cafe/market. During the weekends I worked at the market selling delicious French pastries. The place was extremely popular! There was a continuous queue of people starting at 8.30 am trying to get some tasty croissants.

After a few weeks of standing behind the counter and serving the customers I realized that most of them were regulars, coming back to the French market every single weekend! I started chatting to some of them more and tried to figure out what attracted them to the market so much. Most of them lived nearby and enjoyed starting their weekend with a cup of good coffee and a French pastry. Others enjoyed the busy French-like atmosphere a lot and would come from further away just for that. I enjoyed watching them getting really excited about the pastries and not being able to choose between them.

Through my job in the market I got to see and experience the market environment from a completely different perspective and got to know the different side of the city that I now called home.

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