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To the class through the jungle

Although it has been some time since I got back from New Zealand writing the blog seems to be a good way to reflect upon the international experience and remind myself of the amazing time I had abroad.

Every place / every city I move to I always find a “secret” favorite place. It is a place where I can run away from all the stress, worries and the daily routine. It is a place where I find at least a slight connection with nature, can watch the wildlife and listen to the birds and wind. My favorite place in New Zealand was one of the “secret” paths on the way to university. The path was hidden in the middle of the Auckland Domain and went through a dense forest that looked a lot like a jungle. There was a little stream crossing the path that created a calming atmosphere. A couple of times on my way to the class I saw three colorful parrots playing around the trees. I loved watching them! Unlike the main path through the Domain, I rarely saw any people going “my way”.


Every day that I took this path I pumped myself up with positive energy and got ready for a new challenging day. I hope hope hope that I will get a chance to go back there one day and see those three parrots playing around the “secret” jungle path.

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