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A month on the road without a map

When I left for my cycling trip around the North Island I did not have a map. OK, maybe it was not as dramatic… I had my smartphone with google maps. The only problem was that I could only have internet in bigger towns and because of the nature of the journey my phone was more often dead than it was functional and useful. That more or less meant that I was up for an adventure!

I vaguely knew the direction that I was supposed to go on a certain day, but in terms of the actual road that I was supposed to take, I had often no idea. I would stop in tiny towns and ask the locals for directions or would stop on the road, and with a confused expression on my face would be hoping to get some help.

I did all happen better than I expected! I cycled around and eventually managed to get back to Auckland (my temporary home). I saw a lot of the places that I wouldn’t have visited if I knew where I was going. I met a lot more people on my way and had some really nice conversations. As crazy as it was in the first place to not have a proper map, I was extremely happy about my decision at the end of my adventure:)

IMG_0171a IMG_0151a (3)

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