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Luminous Lantern Parade

brisbane light festivalWhen walking through the streets of Southbank Parklands one evening, there were hundreds of people walking towards and away from a certain direction. That night was the night of lights, the Luminous Lantern Parade. Every year in June, there are thousands of people who gather together with lanterns of all shapes and sizes, lighting up the sky. People walk from one part of Brisbane and finish at the South Bank’s Piazza. brisbane light festival(Above are photographs of very large puppet lanterns that were part of the parade).brisbane light festivalMany people throughout the night were holding signs such as the one in the photograph above:
‘Westpac welcomes Refugees’
The parade collaborates with the Multicultural Development Association’s (MDA), to let all new Queenslander’s feel welcome and accepted in the country. It was so nice to see that a charity made sure of this and surely made me feel part of the community.
luminous lantern parade
After the parade there was lots of entertainment in the Piazza, with an audience ranging from young children to the elderly. Everyone was happy and enjoying themselves, talking with strangers around them, dancing and looking at the set inside. It was a great fun night, full of music, dancing and singing from all over the world, including a xylophone band, and African drums playing the ‘chicken dance’.

This is the closest version of the song I could find on YouTube. I do have videos of the ‘chicken dance’ song, and will find a way to put it online.

India, Brisbane

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