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Where to live on exchange…

When it comes to looking for somewhere to live, it can be one of the most important things when going away because it will be your space, your home, your place to sleep most nights.

A week before leaving to Australia, I booked my new home in an amazing location, at a student accommodation – Urbanest. It was a few minutes walk from the art college, 5-15 minutes from local shops and supermarkets, and a two minute walk from my ‘favourite place’ Southbank Parklands. I really enjoyed living at Urbanest, the building and facilities were great; BBQ’s every Friday night, a gym, amazing views of the city, computer area, and games room. My flatmates were great and I became good friends with one named Delphine from Mauritius. We enjoyed cooking together, going to the gym, and also went to Zumba every week, which was outside on the grass in Southbank.
brisbane urbanest   brisbane urbanest
(Above is my accommodation I lived in for 5 months)
southbank brisbane brisbane south bank
(Above left: Southbank street market every weekend. Above right: Southbank Parkland beach)
I loved coming to this area every single day, so much to see, it was extremely beautiful. In the photograph on the right, I took this at 7 o’clock in the morning when there was hardly anyone around. It was wonderful!

Some other places where you could consider living include;
Living with an Australian family. This is good because you get to see the ‘ins and outs’ of Australian homes and lifestyle. Living in a student accommodation doesn’t give you this. If you want to live within the real culture, I think this would be a great idea!
Living with other people on exchange. This is great because you are all in the same situation, new to the country, from different parts of the world with different backgrounds. It could make you feel more at ease if your with people in the same situation.
Someone in your class from your new country. I had this offered to me by my friend, but unfortunately I was already living in the student accommodation. This would definitely be my first choice if I was going to go back because we got on so well. The good thing about living with someone from the same class or college as you, is that you get to see the real life of Australian living, and also make great friends.
Student accommodation is really good fun because there are many people you meet in similar situations, from all over the world. I met people who were studying the three years in Brisbane, and also on a semester/year exchange. The diversity of people was great, and it wasn’t just young students, there were also older students too. But you had to be a student to live at Urbanest.

These are a few good examples to find somewhere to live in Brisbane:

brisbane view brisbane house
(Above left: View from Urbanest where I was living. Above right: Friends Australian natural garden.)
brisbane river
(Above: Photograph from Brisbane River, showing beautiful flowers and also amazing houses on the river side)

There are so many options on where you can live, and they are all good options, it just depends on what you are looking for and what you want out of your trip.

Thanks for reading!

India, Brisbane

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