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The Last Chapter

Yesterday all the Third Spacers got together for a Welcome home event – after a year of following each others stories and adventures online it was really lovely to share an afternoon of story-telling and wine(of course!). Having bored our friends and families to death with lines such as, “Oooh this one time in Paris” or “On my year abroad.. bla bla bla”, there was something refreshing and almost concluding about reflecting on our times abroad with others that had shared a similar experience.

What really resonated with me during the event was that despite the fact we all went to different countries and were doing different things there were noticeable similarities in all our stories – it was hilarious to share our unforgettable experiences of trekking around cities looking for accommodation; our “lost in translation” moments in the local supermarket or our “cheesy” moments where we found ourselves capturing incredible sunsets surrounded by our new group of international friends!

One of the Third Spacers I was chatting to reminded me that the time we have left at Edinburgh university is the same amount of time we spent abroad. Knowing how quickly last year went by I certainly want to make the most of this year and so she cleverly suggested trying some of the Third Space activities here in Edinburgh …. I’m not one to say no to a challenge!

Good luck with your final year guys!

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