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One of my life goals finally has been accomplished…

So, one of my life goals (and this is a clear example of the depth of my life goals) has always been to go to Spain and take a SALSA class. When I saw the Twinkle Toes flashcard for the first time, my thought was: “THIS IS MEANT FOR ME.”
In the first semester I went to some salsa classes organized by the Erasmus Student Network, but we were repeating the same steps over and over again, and at some point I started losing interest. So, I’ve decided to take it seriously in the second semester and I actually registered for a salsa class organized by the University.

Before getting to the actual business, let me just give you some “fun facts” about this dance:
1) I’ve heard many people in the UK say that they wanted to go to Italy to dance salsa. Being Italian, my thoughts were: “AARGH! These stupid tourists believing stupid stereotypes! Salsa is not part of our culture!” In the same way, when I was telling Spanish friends that I really want to start a salsa course since I was in Spain, I must say I’ve been frowned upon a couple of times. For some reason, salsa is associated with the Mediterranean countries (maybe because Spanish and Italian are hot and sexy? Weeell… no.), but here is the truth: it actually originated in Cuba and has been then influenced by dances of other Latin and Afro-Caribbean countries.
2) It is usually a partner dance, where the male leads and the woman follows and believe me girls, that is GREAT because if the man doesn’t know how to lead, this will be immediately noticed, while if a girl doesn’t really know how to move, she will still look awesome.
3) Apparently it is excellent for improving your sex appeal. Salsa is known for being a very rhythmic, passionate and sexy and it does help people to get over their insecurities. I still remember how some guys in my class were so shy and moving like robots at the very beginning; after 4 months, I was amazed to see how they were at ease and feeling so confident about themselves.

Well, enough with the fun facts. At our last class in June, I thought it’d have been nice to place a camera in the room and film us, not only for the Twinkle Toes activity, but also to have a memory of these lovely people and all the fun we had! I then somehow managed to squeeze 2 hours of video into a 4 minutes one. Hope you enjoy it!

Oh, and I’m the one wearing the green top…

Tharusha, from Granada (Spain)

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