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I visited this cake shop more than I visited anywhere else in Lille I think… Yes, I am major cake fan. No clue how I didn’t come back the size of a house… But even if I had, Meert would have been worth it.

I took so many visitors here: my friends in Lille and visiting friends and family members. The cakes can simply not be beaten. By anywhere. Anytime you approached the shop, you knew where it was just by the crowds of people surrounding its window. The cakes changed regularly so every time you had a look in their window, you got a different taste of what they had to offer.


Although I was a regular, both at their take-away cake counter, and in their tea-room, I just couldn’t bring myself to have the same cake twice. There was so much to offer, they could never have guessed what my order would be. Sometimes, I would recommend to my guests what they should try (based on the fact I’d loved the cake before), but I can pride myself on never having had the same cake twice.


I loved most of all that it full of French people. Not tourists, although Lille isn’t a major tourist town anyway. It was both being immersed in French culture and having the best cakes I’ve ever tasted all in one…

Now back in Scotland, I wish nothing more than to have another taste of their take on the Religieuse..


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