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Early mornings

Leiden’s quite a small city so early in the morning there is really not much going on. This is when I liked to get up and go on runs through the city, when there was no one around, and it was always so peaceful and beautiful. Here are some photos of the canals around the city, the Leiden observatory, and the empty streets. (sorry for the poor quality iPhone photos!) Having lived in Edinburgh for 2 years by the time I went to Leiden, I felt at home in Edinburgh. I always thought Edinburgh was the most beautiful city but coming to Leiden and exploring other Dutch cities, I started to appreciate the beauty of the Netherlands in a similar way. Apart from the many cobbled streets in both cities, the landscape and buildings are very different in Leiden than in Edinburgh. But as each month passed my feelings for the country, the landscape and the people grew stronger. I feel like I now have a real relationship with the country which will stay with me my whole life (forgive me for the cheesiness but it’s true!!). These photos hardly do it justice and also don’t capture the friendliness of the country and the welcoming nature of the people which I think makes it even more beautiful. I feel proud to say I lived there and would recommend it highly to anyone who was thinking of making the short trip over to The Netherlands.

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