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Who needs a bag of crisps when you have these as a snack?

I say “Italian food”, you immediately think of pasta and pizza. The stereotype is (kind of) true, Italians LOVE their pasta and tend to eat it nearly everyday, but that’s not all they eat. Living in Verona, I have sampled many different varieties of food and drink, not all necessarily Veronese but things from all different regions of Italy. One that stood out to me is arancini, which are stuffed risotto balls coated in breadcrumbs and then fried, popular in Sicily but available throughout all of Italy. They are normally filled with mince, mozzarella or tomato and taste really amazing. The name ‘arancini’ derives from the Italian word for orange (arancia) due to their shape and colour which resemble an orange. You could describe them as a “snack food” and are easy to find on most street vendors. They also serve as a great way to use up left over risotto (I imagine left over risotto is more of a problem in Italy than here in the UK!).


I decided to have a go at making some of my own, but decided to add a slightly different filling of sautéed mushrooms in the centre of the risotto. I used the recipe from this link “How to make the perfect arancini” as getting a recipe as such off someone in Verona was a lot harder than expected!

Here are some pictures of the process and then the finished arancini. It was quite hard to make them without a fryer so I would say their colour was not quite as orange as I would’ve hoped but they still tasted really good!


The cooled risotto mixed with parmigiano cheese and mozzarella.


My attempt at rolling the risotto into balls. It does get quite sticky so make sure to keep your hands wet with a little water. Remember to put your chosen filling in and then plug the hole with a little more rice.


Coat the risotto balls in breadcrumbs.


Fry them for the required amount of time and hey presto, the perfect Italian snack.


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