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Rambling Man

After 6 months of hoarding maps, postcards, business cards, photos and tickets I have finally put together an experience map. It is a completely geographically incorrect map of my time in Italy from February to July 2015.

The left hand side encompasses Verona, the place I called home for 6 months of my life.

Towards the bottom the map turns into the rest of the Veneto including Venice and Lake Garda, where many lazy lake side afternoons were spent. Around the edges I have added Bologna and the Color Run in Trento.

Moving up the wall my trip to Lithuania is to be found, a few magical days where I met a friend from Grenoble Рaka the new bosom friend in reference to other blog post about postcards and year abroad goals. After our rendezvous  at midnight in an adorable airbnb apartment, we spent a blissful few days pottering around Vilnius, piling on the pounds with every zeppelin consumed and getting the obligatory year abroad piercing.

Moving, hmm well eastward across the wall anyway, we arrive at Naples, land of pizza, the city with the small town vibe, home of the good luck terracotta chili, known to some as ‘a dump’, bursting with life and energy, and one of my favourite places in Italy.

Below Naples meets the Amalfi coast, almost geographically correct that time, the place that sun kissed lemony dreams are made of. I feel that no further explanation is required here. Finally in the bottom corner I dedicated a space to my precious wwoofing adventure, an experience that I would recommend to everyone. I have also written another post about wwoofing.

I would encourage anyone to spend some time living abroad and these photos below show just some of the reasons. A year abroad is whatever you make it, and when you take the opportunities available to you the experiences can be fantastic.

2015-10-01 09.45.45 2015-10-01 09.46.242015-10-01 09.46.50 2015-10-01 09.46.372015-10-01 09.46.24 2015-10-01 09.45.45 2015-10-01 09.46.37 2015-10-01 09.46.50 2015-10-01 09.46.59 2015-10-01 09.46.07 2015-10-01 09.47.07 2015-10-01 09.49.02 2015-10-01 09.47.17 2015-10-01 09.49.16 2015-10-01 09.47.57 2015-10-01 09.48.38

Bethan Evans

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