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Travelling home – Advice

flying to hong kongSo it was time to say goodbye for now to Brisbane. The plane journey was very different on the way back. I felt like a more mature person, independent, who had experienced a whole lot within a few months. I was saddened to leave this new place I called ‘home’, but equally excited to fly back to England to re-unite with my family, boyfriend and friends.

This post is about advice for flying…. 
too much luggage...
1) Problem: Make sure you weigh your baggage before you plan to put your luggage through at customs. In your time travelling, wherever you may go and however long you will be there, you will most likely accumulate an item or two, or three, or more! This I did do, and weighing I did not. When I got to the desk and they weighed my baggage, the not so friendly desk hostess told me I was 10kg over and it would cost me 750 dollars (equal to around 375 pounds!). She wasn’t very helpful, caring or understanding in the slightest bit. So I think at that particular moment, it was the worst part of my five month trip. With this overload, I therefore had to throw 10kg of clothing, a bag full of products, and paper and small pieces of paper that I kept for memories. This is what I had to throw away in the photograph above. I wouldn’t have minded if the items I had to throw away was going to a good cause, such as a charity or funding. But it didn’t, the lady told me to put my things in the bin!

Point 1: If you do have luggage that weighs more – checking the weight a week before you leave – and know you want to keep some or all of the items, you can send your things overseas through a box storage company that ship your items home. I would 100% recommend this.

brisbane from the sky
It was pretty amazing to see Brisbane from above, to look out for all of the different areas I had visited and where I lived. I’m very glad I got this photograph, so I can do the same over and over again when looking at it.

hong kong airport
Point 2: Jet Lag… For me I didn’t seem to get effected by it too much. I was told many different things when to sleep and when not to sleep. When flying to Australia, I was told to try sleep when it was the sleeping hours in the country. My flight was between 24 and 30 hours long, stopping off at Hong Kong on both ways which was very nice. In the end, I just slept when I felt tired.

Advice: When booking a flight, I would advise to get to your destination in the evening or late afternoon so you can have a few hours getting yourself sorted before going to sleep. On the next day, put your alarm to wake you up at a normal waking hour such as 9am, and get up.

Hong kong to England
Point 3: Noise and movement. Now and then on a plane you are going to get the odd noisy baby (if your travelling long distance, you don’t tend to get them). People are constantly wanting to go to the bathroom, especially after they have eaten food, so do not get a seat near to a bathroom unless you don’t mind the queue of people standing next to you to use the bathroom. The flight assistants are great, on point and very helpful from Cathay Pacific, they hand you eye masks, headphones, a pillow and blanket, which was very helpful.

Advice: On a long journey, you may get bored. Try to bring things that will entertain you. There is usually a small screen in front of you – in the photograph above – and it has a variety of entertainment from t.v shows, to world music, to newly released films. As a film enthusiast, I found this great and watched about 8 films one way flying! Also bring an eye mask and good earplugs to keep out the light and sound. There is no form of nose plugs, so you can’t keep the smell of plane food drifting up your nose…

One last piece of advice is to keep a Vick nose inhaler as the air condition seems to enjoy spreading any germs. If you find it difficult to sleep, take a sleeping tablet and that will help a lot. Every now and then, get up from your seat and move your legs and feet. You need to keep your blood circulating as your body is not used to sitting down for such a length of time.

plane from brisbane

Enjoy the flight!

India, Brisbane

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