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Map of Experience

experience hand map

This is a map of my hand, it was quite difficult to put all of my memories onto one hand but most managed to squeeze on! I loved Brisbane and being on an exchange, and these images represent why;

  1. The flags are to represent the friends I met from all over the world; Australia, Germany, Canada, Mauritius, Mexico, and more. We had many memories together, including watching fireworks compete over the sea, going to the zoo and petting animals such as kangaroos. Currently I am writing letters to my friend in Australia, it is so nice to write in hand again. I made great friends out there and plan to meet them again.
  2. The scenery was amazing in so many places, I had many areas where I would like to visit every day, every week, and some which have stayed in my memory. The bridges in Brisbane were lovely to walk across, to see the city from different points of views, especially in the evening. South Bank – where I  lived – was the most warming to me. I felt very lucky that I was living there and getting to experience life in such a beautiful place.
  3. The food in Brisbane was very diverse, because it has a large Asian population. Therefore, there are plenty of restaraunts from all over the world. It was the first time I had tried San Curros curros, the first time I tried sushi, the first time I tried Malay food, and the first time I tried Bubble Tea.
  4. Travelling. Visiting Byron Bay on the first week was the best thing I could have done to start my trip, sea kayaking and seeing a penguin, surfing, burning from the sun, beaches, walks, and incredible views. Morton Island and Frazer Island with my parents was incredible, learning about a part of Australian history and seeing the wildlife too… dingos. I would have loved to have done a lot more travelling, however it means that I can always go back!
  5. My 21st was one of the best birthdays I will remember. Being in Australia for a start, having my friends to celebrate it, having my parents from England there for two weeks was amazing and perfect, surprises from overseas from my family, boyfriend, and friends through Skype. Couldn’t have asked for any different.
  6. Animation. I really enjoyed my course at Griffith University. It is very different from ECA, but I found that ECA is more my style and way of working. I met many lovely people who I instantly made friends with, the tutors were great, and I learnt things which I was hoping to get from the exchange. In my own time I also managed to work on a film as production design assistant which was amazing experience and I learnt plenty from it, about the 1800’s Australian history.

(The weather also was very nice! When I arrived in Brisbane, for a few months it was around 38°C. The humidity made it worse, bringing out any moisture in your body. I soon got used to it, but I definitely remember the first night I arrived and walked through the airport doors into the open – my new home! Winter in Brisbane can get a bit chilly, the bit that makes it cold is the amount of rain that comes. The Australians were all so excited for it to rain. It made myself and a friend laugh that I was cold in Brisbane on some days, as I live in Scotland… where anything over double digest is considered hot!)

Brisbane was a once in a lifetime opportunity to go there. It was a perfect time to go and would definitely recommend anyone to go on an exchange. However, it does depend on the person, what they are looking for, what they will find and what they want to take from it.

India, Brisbane

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