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“Your back! How was your year abroad?”

This seems to have been the most overused phrase in my fresher’s week back in Edinburgh. Not wanting to overwhelm friends, family and teachers with a long list of adjectives and anecdotes, this question tended to get the understated answer of “it was great, thanks”.

I have now been back for a few weeks, and I figured it is time to award this question with a well deserved answer.

“My year abroad has been the best experience”

I realise it may sound cliche, or perhaps hyperbolic – but my time in Geneva truly was incredible!

Ok there were definite moments where I asked myself “what am I doing here?”…

For example;

  • When the supermarkets closed at 18:30pm
  • When EVERYTHING is closed on a Sunday
  • When every song in a club was a salsa one – I cannot salsa dance
  • When I was charged 25 CHF for a cocktail

Despite these little frustrations, I have come away with a new confidence and many funny stories…

  • “Illegally” adopting two pet goldfish in my halls and naming each one after the horrid woman in charge. Geraldine and Mattieu, may they RIP, were great friends.
  • Being told off by my neighbour for “illegally” bringing a group of friends back to my room post 11pm
  • Having a power cut within the first few days of moving in
  • Living with a Genevan cult

I cannot believe how fast this year has gone by! I am now so excited to enjoy my last year of Edinburgh, how hectic it may be, and make the most of my experience here before venturing off on a new adventure 🙂

Here’s to a great year!


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