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Tourist Tuesday: Botanical Gardens

This week’s Tourist Tuesday activity led me to Geneva’s Botanical Gardens…


The gardens are so beautiful and despite lacking gardening capabilities I really enjoyed going around reading about all the various plants. Each plant had a short description about how and whereabouts it grows, what medicinal properties it has (if any), and then beside it were a collection of objects/ foods that were cultivated from that particular plant.

I have never been so excited looking at plants! As a keen foodie, I loved going around reading about the different ingredients and foods you could acquire from various plants.


The botanical gardens’ greenhouses were home to the largest banana trees I have ever seen! In my garden in London we have a banana tree but the size was nothing compared to the one I saw this week!

Now, the best part of the botanical gardens was probably the wildlife centre where I saw flamingos, peacocks, ducks, wild goats and sheep!


Geneva is very green as a city and everyone has a huge respect for the outdoors and wildlife. The city is full of parks, huge potted plants and grass benches. This respect for the outdoors also transcends into everyday life as you will NEVER see a local litter! As one of my Genevan friends aptly told me, why would you litter as it not only is destroying your own habitat but that of local wildlife too!


Unfortunately, not everyone in London has the same ethos and I know that once I return home I will be greeted by littered streets and parks. However, this will not stop me from being a keen green recycling machine!!!

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