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Magpie Season

Every year, between June and December, magpie birds can become dangerous. Also known as ‘Magpie Season’. In this time, it is Magpie mating season, so there are plenty of birds securing their nests. The first sign of Magpie Season are the warning signs the Council puts up at bus stops in a known magpie areas.

When in Australia, people used to wear helmets with tall wires placed on top. This is a safety helmet  to scare Magpies and hope that they won’t swoop down and attack. Below is an example:

In the picture above, it shows the amount of magpie attacks in Brisbane from
This year there have been 4310 attacks and 608 injuries.

Whilst living in Brisbane I didn’t witness any attacks as I left before the season began. However I have heard of many stories. For example, last year my friend was cycling to college. As she cycled nearby the trees and came to a sharp corner of the pathway, a large magpi flew down at her head which made her loose balance and fall. The bird didn’t attack again.
Apparently Magpi’s can attack you in many ways, including putting their claws into your eyes.

Another friend told me of stories that she heard…
‘Don’t look at Magpis in the eyes,
Don’t turn your back to them, otherwise they will attack,
Don’t run away from them,
Don’t try to fight a Magpi’

So if you are in Brisbane between the months of June to December and don’t want an experience like the men above, remember to protect your head and eyes, and try to avoid the ‘defence zone’. Or, if you do want to experience this… enjoy!

India, Brisbane

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