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I have a Golden Ticket!

In June I had the great fortune of going to visit a chocolate factory !!!

Switzerland is notorious for its chocolate and oh my the experience did not disappoint! We went to visit Cailler’s chocolate factory near Gruyeres.

Unfortunately upon arrival I was not greeted by little orange oompa loompa men, but rather a multitude of chocolates for me to taste!

(Fun fact – did you know the Swiss’ favourite chocolate is milk chocolate?)

The factory was laid out like a museum, but each room appealed to your every sense. In each room you would see, touch, feel, and taste how chocolate was made. It was a very informative journey that ended in a feast of chocolate!

My favourite part was seeing the bionic robot that is used to make and wrap the chocolates. (unfortunately we weren’t allowed to take pictures at this point)

Since they say a picture can speak a thousand works, let these images speak to you…

choc 5

choc 1choc 2 choc 3choc 4

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