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Experience Map

The top two scenarios in which a girl realizes how small her hands are 1) a boy pressing his palm against hers in order to compare their size and 2) trying to reduce the most amazing year of her life to a few (miserable, in this case) drawings and words scribbled on the outline of her hand.

Here is my attempt at point 2.


I believe that because of my childish drawings and the phone camera I took the picture with, a few clarifying sentences might come in handy (starting from the pinky and moving to the right).

Anna: My favourite flatmate who made Madrid unforgettable. She was the closest friend I had there, and that is why she deserves a whole finger!

Triskel Tavern: The place where I felt welcome during the first months abroad and where I felt at home during the last. This is the bar where I would go every Thursday night with my favourite people to listen to my favourite songs and drink a glass of my favourite wine. This is also the place where I met the Malasana crew or, in other words, the circle of artistic and inspiring people I had always dreamed of being part of.

Spanish language: During my exchange I realized that Spanish is actually not that daunting and I grew to love it.

Malasana: The neighbourhood where I would most often hang out with friends or go for a walk. Beautiful, alternative, artistic, with the revolutionary spirit of the early ages of democracy still lingering in its streets, full of bookshops and charming cafes, full of life.

Spanish diversity: breath-taking mountains, gorgeous beaches and spectacular cities. Spain has it all.

Travelling: Probably the best and most rewarding part of my experience abroad.

Nadezhda, Madrid

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