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Cathedral de Lille

Sitting on the steps outside Cathédrale Notre-Dame-de-la-Treille de Lille on early Sunday mornings was lovely to just watch the world go by. Quite often I’d head there before exploring the streets in Lille and admiring the designer shop windows on my way back to the center (everything is closed on Sundays so no temptations to spend my entire Erasmus grant on a handbag)!


I’d take my Thermos full of tea to the cathedral steps and just people-watch; see what the Lillois people were up to! Normally, there were rollerbladers, weaving in and out of obstacles- seriously, how do their legs move so fast?! Even on early mornings, people would be bustling about and cutting through the cobbled lanes to get to the part of the city called Vieux Lille- literally “Beautiful Lille”. The outdoor seating for the surrounding cafés was vital in the buzz of this part of town. Even on the chilly mornings people would sit with their espressos, all bundled up and have a chat. The sun would come out every so often and I would bask in my little sun spot before it went away and I had to rely on my tea for warmth.


I took so many of my visitors to the cathedral because its architecture was so cool- modern and traditional at the same time- but what I enjoyed most was sitting on the steps, enjoying the peace, with my tea. Paul, the boulangerie, was also very close to my spot so I would quite often get a few begnets (mini doughnuts covered in sugar with various fillings) as I regularly saw the locals walking around with them as a little treat!

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