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What I miss the most about Granada

Anyone who has ever visited Granada can only be full of praise for this magical city and I will be no less. Granada has it all: a rich history, a sunny weather, a great nightlife, fantastic food, tropical beaches on one side and the Sierra Nevada (one of the most famous winter resort in southern Europe) on the other. But I’ve personally come to love Granada for a whole different reason: its sky.


During my first semester, I lived on the 5th floor of a flat which was quite far away from the city center. This meant that from my room I had a great view of the sky, not covered by tall, ugly buildings (what unfortunately happened in the second semester, when I moved towards the center). After a week admiring these incredible views at sunset, I decided to start taking pictures. I took a picture (sometimes even 5 in an hour because of how incredibly quickly the sky changes) every day for four months, and you can believe that I don’t have one single picture that looks the same to another?


Now that I’m in Edinburgh, you cannot imagine how depressed I feel when I look up the sky and what I see are only grey clouds covering the sun. It’s incredible the power such spectacular sunsets have on your brain and you must try to live in a sunny place to fully realize that.


I wish I could upload all the beautiful pictures I’ve taken in those months, but I will limit myself to direct you to the album I created on Facebook if you are interested in seeing more pictures.


Thank you Granada for teaching me to always look up the sky and making me feel incredibly grateful for being able to enjoy such divine sight.


Tharusha, from Granada (Spain)

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