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4 Minutes and 7 Seconds *

I feel like a bit of a cheater while completing this post, but I simply could not imagine writing the piece on any other song. While most probably it would not be considered local in the traditional sense (being deeply rooted in the local culture and history), to me it feels as Spanish as a song can be because, apart from its obvious characteristics such as lyrics in Spanish and Madrid-bred performers, every time I reminisce about my experience abroad, I find myself stupidly replaying the song in my head, as the musical background to my memories.

I heard it for the first time at an open mic show in the artistic district of Malasana. It would not be an overstretch to say that this first encounter was worthy of the attention of any cheesy Hollywood director or hopeless romantic. It was love at first sight. My flat mate (and best friend) seemed to be experiencing the same overwhelming emotions, as she would stare at the performers with an O-shaped mouth and teary eyes.


A visual interpretation of the song, Barcelona. * “la vida sin zapatos” literally means “life without shoes”

Do you remember the typical 90s feeling of turning on the radio and waiting for your favorite song to start? The patience and overwhelming anticipation? The few blissful seconds during which the first tunes of another song would resemble yours? The disappointment that follows? The sweet moment when they actually play it?

My friend and I would go to every single open mic show and gig the bar hosted in the hope that the duet would show up. And, oh, when they would…

Should you want to give the duet a listen, find them on YouTube, SoundCloud or Spotify (where they have released their entire album).

* 4 minutes and 7 seconds is the duration of the version of the song on Spotify.

Nadezhda, Madrid

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