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Making Hemingway Proud

Los madrileños are very proud that beautiful words have come to life while their talented owner Hemingway wandered the streets of Madrid. Not one and two bars would try to attract customers by claiming that the famous writer once had his beer there.


A bar with the ‘rebellious’ sign “Hemingway never ate here”

Hemingway loved Madrid not any less and would write about it with affection and warmth: “No one goes to bed in Madrid until they have killed the night.” Anyone who has ever set their foot on the soil of the Spanish capital seems to have adopted this very sentence as their life motto. After all, how can anyone question Hemingway’s brilliance and sharp eye?

Years later, going to bed in Madrid before dawn is still borderline offensive. And while it is true that its bars and clubs are among Europe’s best, Madrid’s streets are just as welcoming to the night owls.

Therefore, especially on an early Saturday morning, these same streets would be flooded with young people going back home. While many shops would be still closed, clubs would be sending off their last visitors and different food stalls and fast-food chains would be welcoming them with open arms. An obligatory stop on the way home would be, for example, the most famous churreria in Madrid, San Gines, where one could grab a few greasy, yet delicious churros and dip them in steamy chocolate.

Of course, going to bed in the early hours of the morning would inevitably make you stumble upon curiosities and charmingly weird people. Any aspiring writer, if observant enough, could write an entire book based solely on an early Saturday morning in Madrid: loud arguments, musicians playing the guitar while surrounded by dancing people, couples singing…

How can anyone ever question the brilliance of Hemingway?

Nadezhda, Madrid

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