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South Korea (and a little bit of the North!)

While not exactly in my country of exchange, if you ask anyone that met me during my time in Singapore they would be able to tell you my favourite place during my time away. I was lucky enough to visit this place just before I returned home; South Korea.

I had heard so much about it during my time in Singapore (and have shared those experiences with you on here!), I had been introduced to parts of Korean culture, as mentioned in my previous posts, had made Korean friends and had even learnt a little bit of it (only, like, two words, but it’s something!).

Now this was my chance to see if all this hype was really worth it…

To put simply, it was. I felt it had all the great aspects of Singapore: the cute culture, commitment to their studies, welcoming and friendly, but with even better food, low cost alcohol and (finally) some lower temperatures.

I travelled throughout the country over two weeks, visiting the holiday destination: Jeju Island, the coastal and second largest city: Busan and, of course, Seoul. When I look at the photos posted from other people’s travels I find them so interesting, without needing any descriptive text alongside them. I have described briefly why Korea was my favourite place during my time away and want to present it through the photos I took there, and for these to be interpreted without description.

So here is my favourite place over the last year!

10403648_10152880931973671_8518472643448009164_n 10422254_10152880933588671_3161927150572281060_n 11102684_10152880930493671_1929518042381491230_n 11193395_10152880917288671_2897598457539025671_n 11209383_10152880917648671_8055428859377682026_n 11229369_10152880918903671_3927940816282981233_n 11255395_10152861247918671_4717646709810145562_n 11350448_10152880213803671_1023407494597242510_n 11350903_10152880930998671_8124326254830941818_n

10928990_10152880213978671_8407727717394730741_n 11204974_10152880213468671_1963767860758894839_n 11145026_10152880930298671_1224686561981744589_n10930914_10152880928698671_6898412372108033609_n

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