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Fraser Island

The land of 100+ freshwater lakes, originally created by sand and environment crashing together to establish a beautiful, green island. It was Captain Cook who discovered the island in 1770 and he would meet aboriginal locals and named them the ‘Indians’ and give the much enjoyed spot ‘Indian Head’.
fraser island from above   OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
One of the worlds largest sand island in the world, showing its growing nature in the land and sea, in animals and vegetation. There is plenty to see, from the ground and a plane from Fraser Island.
In the mid 1800s people found the great trees and decided to begin logging. They were used in the construction to rebuild the London Docks after World War II. Logging remained on Fraser until 1991 when the island was nominated for World Heritage listing.
fraser island    dingo
Around the island lingers packs of Dingoes. Dingoes are not a type of food, or tree, or flower. They are a type of wild dog, golden and fox-like. However, we were warned not to feed or even look at a dingo as they are very dangerous. They like to pick on any living ‘animal’, and have previously attacked children and small teens. Above is a photograph I took of a dingo stalking a calm fisherman – knowing he has food attracts the dingo, striding with careful confidence towards the car.
shipwreck             fraser island This fisherman stayed on the sand to not collect fish, but collect very long worms – they can grow up to 2.5m long! To catch the worms there is equipment such as; beach worming pliers, a stocking and some pilchards. This video shows you what they look like and how to catch beach worms:
Man 'chilling' (This is not how to catch beach worms, but to catch the sun in the most relaxing way)

If anyone is planning on going to Fraser Island in the future, this is a great blog to give you advice and tips on where to go and what to do on the island:

India, Brisbane

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