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When the reward is worth the effort

If there is something I’ve always loved about cities is their viewpoints: that feeling of making the effort of going uphill and then being rewarded by an absolutely breath-taking view cannot be compared to anything else in the world. And luckily for me, Granada has plenty of “miradores” (viewpoints). The most popular one is the Mirador de San Nicolas, where every tourist would firstly head to, thus it is very often busy and to get a space on the wall to take a picture can really be a challenge.


The one more off the beaten-path and my favourite is the Mirador de San Miguel Alto, the highest viewpoint located on a hill. You get there after a long, steep walk, and that is probably why you will not find here such a crowd of noisy tourists trying to get their pictures.


From this mirador, you can enjoy some amazing panoramic views of the city, of the Albaicin district and its walls, the Alhambra palace, all surrounded by the Sierra Nevada mountains.


The views are spectacular all throughout the day, but especially at sunset.


On Sunday’s afternoons this place get filled with “perroflautas” (the hippie crowd) walking with their dogs looking for a quiet place to smoke a joint, and international students.


This is why I like this place: even though I had walked up there alone, I had always found friends at the top to enjoy the sunset with, and the thoughts in our minds were all the same:  “What a lucky person I am to spend my year abroad in such a lovely city!”


Tharusha, from Granada (Spain)

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