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Embracing my creativity

One of my aims for Third Space, and the Edinburgh award, was to be more creative, and personalising my box was a great opportunity for me to put this into action!

Normally, I don’t think of myself as creative at all. I was always rubbish arty things and stayed safely in my science background. During my decorations, I realised that I actually really enjoy decorating and embracing the creativity I never thought I had. And after seeing the end result, I’m really impressed with myself that I managed to think up the ideas and then display th em on my box!

So I’ll talk you through how I’ve chosen to personalise my box…


At the top is a logo which represents the university I studied with, Chimie Lille. It was more than just studying chemistry abroad though! About 80 % of my friends were from the school and I enjoyed so many memories with them that it had to be included!

The small circular sticker beside Chimie Lille is from a tour company, Cice Voyages, who specialises in short day or weekend trips to nearby places- primarily for people studying at my campus. It was ideal for me and the people I went with- all we needed to explore was the transport! I went to so many cool places with Cice Voyages- Luxembourg, Amsterdam, Mont Saint Michel and Cologne just to name a few! I also wrote all the places I’d visited on my year abroad around the sides of the box, so I’ll be able to just look at my box and all the memories will come flooding back!


Frogs and snails are also featured on my box to show how proud I am to have eaten them both! Before leaving for France, I set myself a goal that I would try them both and I’m so glad I did! The frog’s legs were like chicken like everybody says and the snails weren’t bad at all! I preferred them to the mussels I also tried in Lille! Although their texture was a bit funny, the snails were cooked in a garlic sauce and were pretty tasty! J

Most of the nights out me and my friends had in Lille revolved around the Latina Café, a Latin-American Club, so that also had to be included! Shakira and Enrique Iglesias playing all night- what more could you ask for?!

The little Scotland flag on the map of France on the left hand side of my box indicates where Lille is in the country, and how I didn’t just experience French culture- I also brought my culture to them!

In the bottom left-hand corner was one of my favourite places in Lille- Méert. It is honestly the best cake shop ever. It was such a big part of my time in Lille (because cake always should be). I took my mum when she visited, met my boyfriend’s parents there and I had a nice farewell with some of the girls before I left. I’ve written about it in my Local Traditions blog, so if you want to see some of the fab cakes, had a read. Seriously. Go and look- they’re amazing.

And finally, the tiny little sticker above the Méert logo. It says “Enjoy every moment”. That was one of the things I tried to do all the time when I was there and because of that I had the best time!

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