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Husky Lady

Once on a bus I met a lady who was in love with dogs, especially huskies. She was telling me about how she rescues huskies that people throw away (as huskies have a bit of a wild temperament), takes care of them and finds new homes, and how she works as a dog-nanny taking care of people’s dogs when they go away for holidays. At the end of our bus ride husky lady invited me to visit her at her home.

While cycling around New Zealand I was just riding not too far from her house so I called and went to visit her. And that’s what I found:

IMG_0128a (2) IMG_0140a (2)

The house of huskies! All the furniture in the house, maybe except from the dining table, was occupied by dogs. At that point there were 8 dogs staying with her, some of which were her’s and some were just rescued. All dogs got along pretty well so could hang out together.

Lady was telling me that she spends more money to take care of the dogs than she actually earns from rescuing them. However, she loves to live surrounded by huskies thus she would never give up on the job. She’d rather have a couple of small jobs on the side to earn money for living and still have a group of huskies waiting for her at home. I found the husky lady very inspiring in how she finds the joy in small things of life.

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