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The street art scene in Granada

First of all, I must thank Vida for inspiring me with her entry about street art in her host city. While reading it, I realized that Granada too has a hidden street art scene.

The most famous street artist is definitely Raúl Ruiz, better known as “El Niño de las Pinturas”. His works are recognizable for having bright colours and highly stylized lettering that spells out witty aphorisms: examples are “Cansado de no encontrar respuestas, decidí cambiar mis preguntas.” (Tired of not finding answers, I decided to change my questions), or “¿Cuánta agua tiene que caer para admitir que está lloviendo?” (How much water should fall to admit that it is raining?)

The biggest concentration of these murals are found in the Realejo, the Jewish neighbourhood of the city, especially on the way down from Calle Molinos to Calle Vistillas de los Angeles.

I must say that Spain seems to have a vibrant street art reputation: almost every city, in particular Barcelona, Sevilla and Granada, has its fair share of graffiti. This might make you think that authorities turn a blind eye to it, but actually it is illegal and they can impose fines up to €3,000 if the street artist is caught.

Like in many other countries, the city council has created spaces (an underground car park) where artists can paint legally, but this doesn’t seem to be an attractive solution for the street artists who say the subversive quality of their art is ruined when put in a “legal spot”.

I honestly think we must differentiate between the so called “street art” and what instead is meaningless vandalism: we can certainly do without the latter, while many of the graffitis around cities are worth of being exposed at an exhibition. I love how they brightens up places which would otherwise be grey and dreary.

Tharusha, from Granada (Spain)

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  1. Glad my post inspired you to uncover the street art where you are 🙂 I love how different the street art in Granada is to the street art in Leipzig. So interesting

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