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The city in a crystal ball

If you are not posting 10 pictures a day of your host city on Facebook, you haven’t probably read the list of “things to do to be a true Exchange student and annoy the rest of the world”. At some point, the culprit starts realizing how monotonous this is, but probably by then half of his friends have already hidden his updates.

Anyway, one day while browsing through the daily dose of the same pictures of the same spot of Granada, I came across one that gave me the idea for the “Magic Portrait” task: it was a picture of the beautiful Alhambra reflected in a glass of wine. Basically the glass inverts the scenery, so that everything inside looks upside-down. Pretty cool, isn’t it? Unfortunately I did not save that picture, but if you scroll down the page you’ll get what I mean.

We all agree on the fact that a glass of wine is certainly not the most practical prop to carry around, so I’ve bought a crystal ball instead. Now, that wasn’t the smartest alternative either, seeing that it weighs 2 kilos AND it is easily breakable as much as the glass, but I’ve heard you have to suffer in order to take beautiful pictures…(By the way, for anyone who is interested in this technique, a crystal ball is much cheaper than what you think: I got mine from Ebay for less than 7 pounds!)

Then, one afternoon I asked some friends to join me in a tour around the city, especially because focusing with a DSLR camera with one hand while holding the ball with the other isn’t such an easy task, so I needed a little help. Plus, I wanted to avoid being taken for a weirdo while walking around alone with a crystal ball in my hand. It’s more fun to be weirdos in company than alone, right?

Here below you can find the results: some of them are rotated, so what is reflected looks right side up, while others have been left as they’d been shot. I must say I’m quite satisfied with these pictures, and cannot wait to be back in Edinburgh to see also this amazing city from a different perspective!








 Tharusha, from Granada (Spain)


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