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Amazing Australian wildlife

One of the most impressive things about Australia is its nature and wildlife. Since I was a kid I loved exploring everything natural and observing animals in wild. Australia has been a perfect place for this hobby. I have collected quiet a few experiences with typical Australian animals encounters!

Number one typical Australian animal is a kangaroo. There are several species of kangaroos and wallabies and you can find them almost everywhere outside city. Usually they are not very scared of people so you can observe them from really close. They are super cute and my favourite!


Emus are also really common in some parts of Australia. They are quite impressive and unusual huge birds. The shot below was taken in Flinders Ranges where this female was casually walking with its chicks just in front of our tent.


Dolphins are really amazing animals. The one below is a member of Adelaide Port River family. This small group of dolphins found their home on the border of Port River and sea. This part of Adelaide is very industrial and many factories are causing the river water to be warmed than the sea water which is what the dolphins like so much. I was lucky to do some canoeing on the river and get so close to them I could have touched them.


Koalas are very typical Aussie animals. Very cute and cuddly. Nevertheless, it is very difficult to find one in wild that is moving around because these animals are active only about four hours a day (predominantly at night). I found this one with its baby climbing down a tree on the Great Ocean Road.


Crocodiles are found on north of Australia where you have to be really careful not to enter their territory. They can be encountered in both, fresh water rivers and lakes and in salt water of the sea. Nevertheless, if you respect certain rules and keep distance from them you can observe how amazing animals they are. I took this picture in Daintree Rainforest on a river boat tour. The crocodile on the photo is a three meters long female.


Rainbow lorikeets are my favourite Australian birds. As you can see they are beautifully colourful parrots. They are very common and thus easy to spot even in the centre of the city. I remember how excited I was when I saw them first time the day after coming to Adelaide. A year later I am still always happy to watch them flying around and playing in tree branches.


Dingo is a species of Australian wild dog. After being extensively hunted by people and after mixing with domestic dogs dingos are close to extinction. Furthermore, because of rare attacks on humans, especially children, and more common attacks on cattle a dingos fence across Australia was build to keep dingoes out of the south-east part of the continent. I was lucky to see the one below on Fraser Island that has the poorest dingo breed in the world.



  1. tharushaedirisinghe

    Thank God you didn’t mention any giant spiders or snakes! I was so scared to see the pics! 😛

    • eliskazlamalova

      I really haven’t seen many dangerous animals during the whole year. There cannot be that many as people think 😉

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