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Experience map of Singapore

experience map
For my experience map I chose a map of the MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) network, because this was the most common way for me to get around Singapore. The background is made up of a map of South East Asia and the Singapore flag. I illustrated the stations I went to regularly with some memories, activities and landmarks:

  • Dover: the station closest to my home at uni, where I walked to several times a week
  • East West Line: the main line going from my home to the city centre
  • Harbourfront: a shopping centre not too far from my home, and the gateway to Sentosa island
  • Chinatown: an area that I visited for the night market, the hawker centre and the gay bars
  • Clarke Quay: the main area for partying with many bars and clubs, although we often just drank outside on the bridge
  • Botanic Gardens: one of my favourite places in Singapore where I used to go for walks
  • Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay: my favourite place in Singapore, which I wrote a separate article about
  • Bayfront: the famous Marina Bay Sands hotel and mall
  • Bugis: the “Arab quarter” with a beautiful mosque and many nice cafés and restaurants
  • Little India: a laid-back area with cheap shops and the best food
  • On the right: the way pointing to the airport, with flags of the countries I traveled to (Malaysia, Cambodia, Indonesia and Vietnam)

Nora, Singapore

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