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My Australian Third Space travel box

Among the most amazing experiences of my exchange were all my travels around Australia. These also inspired the personalisation of my Third Space box.

I have included two major symbols of Australia. The first one is a kangaroo which is one of the most common and most typical Aussie animals. The second symbol is the Southern Cross, a constellation of stars visible in the Southern Hemisphere. It used to be essential for navigation of ships heading south and searching for Australia. Nowadays, it appears on Australian flag. I also drew on my box a silhouette of a map of Australia. The red dots are major or for me the most important cities that I have visited. The blue line shows the journey that I travelled around this beautiful country. Finally, I wrote down some of the most significant places that I have visited.

Although the travels of my exchange year reached their end now, I truly hope that I will come back to Australia and will be able to add more blue and red on my travel map. Australia is a huge wonderful country and there is so much to see!


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