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My favourite place in Adelaide

Adelaide is a great city to live in. I have been enjoying my time there to the fullest and there are quite a few places that I loved and that I will never forget. Here I would like to write about one such place that was really special to me. It is a beautiful city beach that I only discovered in my second semester but could not stop visiting ever since.

During my first semester in Adelaide I stayed in the student accommodation in the city centre. While this was really convenient in terms of transport to the university, work, shops and anything else I needed on a daily bases; I did not get to explore suburban areas, natural parks and coast very often. In contrast, in my second semester I lived with a host family in a lovely house in western suburbs. Hence, I got to stay outside of the rush of the city centre and could easily walk to the nearby sea coast. After not a long time I discovered a lovely beach just 4 km away from my house which immediately became one of my favourite places in Adelaide. As I come from a country with no sea; ocean and beaches were always very special for me. While living in Adelaide’s suburb Seaton I could easily cycle to my favourite beach in 10-15 minutes. I was walking along the water edge many times to relax. I was coming to read while sitting on the sand and listening to waves. I was coming for a swim or to exercise. I also liked watching people around enjoying this special place. Compared to European beaches the Australian ones are not very busy; small population is much more spread even in big cities. Usually I could see just few people relaxing, walking dogs or exercising. After coming more often I realized I am meeting the same people over and over again. It felt like if this beautiful little spot was private for just a few of us with occasional visitors. I started talking to some of the people that I was meeting more regularly. The most interesting was a group of kite boarders practicing on the beach every windy day possible. Before meeting them I knew literally nothing about their favourite sport. It was amazing to listen to kite boarding stories and watch these passionate and talented people. I learnt how exciting, fulfilling, difficult, expensive and sometimes dangerous this sport can be. I even got to try controlling the kite and learn some basic skills during a lesson they gave me. After having my own experience with this sport I have to even more admire anyone that is able to ride the board as they do.



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