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What is Australian local food?

A great thing about Australia is its very diverse society. Its original inhabitants are the Aborigines and Torres Strait Islander people. Later, however, people from many different places and of many different lifestyles came to Australia and found their home there. This rich culture of course influences local food as well. As a result, Australia offers almost any kind of food I could think of. Therefore, it is really difficult to tell what food is traditionally Australian.

Indigenous Australians mainly lived as hunter-gatherers before European colonisation. Nowadays, some of them fused with the immigrant population and adapted their diets. Nevertheless, you can still find very traditionally living Aboriginal people around Australia. One of my friends was lucky to be invited by such family for a traditional dinner. He dined with them a kangaroo tail roasted for several hours in coal. Very interesting food experience for sure! Ancestors of the majority of the population, however, migrated to Australian not more than 200 years ago. British colonization introduced typical meat pies and other British foods. Other European immigrants brought with them Italian, Spanish, Greek, French, German and other diverse European cuisine. Strong Asian community enriched Australia with various Asian foods. American and African heritage families are also easily found in Australia.

I have decided to combine traditional cuisine from my country with something typically Australian. I invited my Australian friends over for a dinner to cook for them goulash. Goulash is a commonly cooked stew in the Czech Republic and other surrounding countries. Many Australian have not heart of it before or have not tasted it. I used a recipe that is used in my family with one change to bring in something Australian. Instead of beef I used kangaroo meat. This novel combination fortunately worked really well. Now when I look back and think about it, I realize that this might actually be typically Australian – foods from around the world with slight modifications by something typical for Australian resources and diverse culture.

Kangaroo Goulash

Kangaroo Goulash

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